Car Watcher & Banana Seller Recorded In the Act – Watch & Download Video

Video - banana seller and car washer

Someone sent me this video featuring a banana seller in Lagos that got caught with a car washer in nearby bush enjoying each other. He asked me to share the video to everyone. The video is has trended on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since yesterday. Adults are allowed to watch video.


The car washer during interrogation said that he called the banana seller (name withheld) to buy bunch of banana from her. As they were discussing, he noticed that the seller is feeling somehow and decided to act more martyred. He asked the seller if he needs it (I don’t want to mention name here) , which she replied yes. They made their way to the nearby bush to enjoy themselves.




The video was recorded by a man who was answering a call of nature nearby but they was unaware.

How to Download & Watch The Video

For age issues, we decided to add the full video Download links in next page. You can watch and download it there.

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