Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE In-Ear Headphones – White

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Key Features
  • Colour: White/Silver
  • Impressive sound performance
  • Powerful and precise bass response
  • Remote control¬†
  • Compatible with all portable devices
  • Supplied with 3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes
  • Cable clip, VoIP adapter and case with a quick acting closure

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The MMX 102 iE headset is perfect for every single versatile device with a mini jack socket (3.5 mm); laptops, tablet PCs, MP3 players or cell phones. Because of the closed configuration, music would not penetrate outside and the ambient noise is also effectively attenuated. 

The MMX 102 iE comes with great sound clarity and an astounding hands-free mouthpiece. With the remote control integrated in the cable, your calls can be easily answered or terminated. For chats (telephone calls or games) through the internet, a VoIP connector is supplied. 

The flexible smooth cable does not get tangled up not even when you put the player into a trouser or coat pocket. The supplied silicone ear tips in three distinct sizes guarantee a flawless fit so that the MMX 102 iE meets all requirement with respect to comfort, great sound and ambient noise attenuation.


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