Decrownies Electronics 60A Automatic Changeover With Generator Timer

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Key Features
  • Suitable for generators up to 10KVA (60A current rating)
  • Easy to install;
  • 12months warranty, 24/7 customer support
  • Ultra fast changeover; No power interruption during changeover. Your gadgets will not go off
  • Allows users to time their generator for desired hours of operation; a great feature for inverter and washing machine users
  • Timing is cancelled when PHCN supply is restored
  • Auto-stops generator when there’s main power supply (PHCN) and changes over immediately
  • Works for all class of domestic generators (Key start or not)
  • Can operate in either manual or automatic mode
  • Users can stop generator from the comfort of their room via a stop switch on the device
  • When in automatic mode, no user intervention needed for change over to occur
  • Acts as a surge protector, protecting all your equipment from damage by low and high voltages

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Enjoy a smarter and more comfortable life. This automatic changeover device automatically transfers power from
generator supply to PHCN supply when available without your intervention and stops the generator
without allowing your gadgets to lose power. it also allows you to time
your generator for any number of hours. with this device, you can put
your clothes in the washing machine, time your generator to allow the
washing machine wash the clothes and go out. You can also time your generator to work for just a few hours during the night while your inverter takes over from there. it helps you save
fuel, increases your level of comfort and places you at no risk of
electrocution. The device also acts as a surge protector, protecting
all your equipment from damage by high or low voltage


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