HP Slim Portable DVD Writer/External DVD Player

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Key Features
  • M‎-Disc
  • TV Connectivity
  • Silent Play‎
  • Interface Type‎:‎ USB 2.0 ‎(‎Y type‎)‎
  • Operating System Compatibility‎:‎ Windows 8/7/Vista ‎(‎32bit‎,‎ 64bit‎)‎‎,‎ XP ‎(‎SP3‎)‎‎,‎ Mac OS X v‎.‎10.5‎.‎4 or Higher Drive
  • Mac Compatible‎:‎ Yes
  • Reading Speed‎:‎
  • DVD‎-ROM ‎(‎SL/DL‎)‎‎:‎ 8x
  • DVD‎-R ‎(‎SL/DL‎)‎ ‎:‎ 8x/8x max‎.‎
  • DVD‎-RW ‎(‎SL/DL‎)‎ ‎:‎ 8x/8x max‎.‎
  • DVD R ‎(‎SL/DL‎)‎ ‎:‎ 8x/8x max‎.‎
  • DVD RW ‎(‎SL/DL‎)‎ ‎:‎ 8x/8x max‎.‎
  • DVD‎-Video ‎(‎CSS Compliant Disc‎)‎ ‎(‎SL/DL‎)‎ ‎:‎ 4x max
  • CD‎-R/RW/ROM ‎:‎ 24x/24x max

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The USB powered external‎,‎ slim CD/DVD writer has a writing speed of 24x ‎(‎CD‎)‎ and 8x ‎(‎DVD‎)‎ respectively‎.‎ It works both with Windows and Mac and gives you the ultimate freedom to carry it anywhere you go ‎(‎courtesy of its lightweight design‎)‎‎.‎ It can also be connected with your TV via USB‎.‎ 


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