RCS Stage Sound Amplifier – LSA600

230,844.00 219,305.00

Key Features
  • Protective Circuits
  • Soft Start
  • DC voltage fault protection
  • AC fuse and a clip limiter circuit
  • A passive fan-less cooling system

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You find with RCS a multiplicity at products of the area Electroacoutics (ELA systems) as well as professional sound and mobile of sound system. This Stage Sound amplifier feature “soft start” as well as switch-on and -off delay in order to conserve the loudspeakers and avoid switching and cracking noises. The LSA series has protective circuits against short circuit and overheating as well as current limitations, switch-on/off delay. It has a DC voltage fault protection and AC fuse and a clip limiter circuit against overstressing the loudspeakers. This amplifier model, the model LSA-200 features a passive fan-less cooling system and is therefore also excellently suited for very quiet applications. The air duct, embedded in the casing, provides excellent cooling in connection with the fans and ventilation slots.


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