Universal 80,000mAh Fluorescent Solar/Electric Charging Power Bank + Free Charger

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Key Features
  • Super long recycle, maxim 500 times lifetime
  • Light weight and thin design with metal shell
  • It can be charged by sunshine, computer or USB power adapter
  • User friendly, long cycle life. Rapid charge
  • Universal rechargeable external battery solar power charger
  • LED indicator for charging and power level
  • 80.000mAh Capacity

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Universal 80.000mAh Dual USB Solar Power Bank which comes with
Fluorescent light at the back panel is a unique and fantastic option for
you to be able to charge your mobile phones and other gadgets in
absence of power, to ensure that you remain reachable and entertained
all day long. We do a lot with several applications and software on our
phones and tablets every day. This is enough reason for batteries to get
drained quickly. This power bank comes with an incredible 80.000mAh
worth of power storage, with a solar panel of 1.5W and a dual USB output
port of 5.0V (1.0A Max and 2.0A Max respectively), this is more than
enough power for you to charge your devices when there is a power outage
or when you do not have access to a regular wall socket charger.
Universal 80.000mAh Dual USB Solar Power Bank with fluorescent charges with
electricity and solar power as well. This makes it the ideal choice of
power bank to have with you whenever you are on the move. It can easily
fit into your bag or purse as it is very portable and easy to take with
you everywhere you go. This universal power bank allows charging of two
devices simultaneously as it comes with two USB ports, so you can charge
more than one phone or tablet at the same time. It has a fast charge
feature and comes with a fluorescent light that provides adequate light
during the dark and also  an LED indicator that allows you know the
level of its charge


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