Universal (Reduced Shipping Fee) TV Guard 13 AMPS

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Key Features
  • Power protection against Voltage fluctuations. 
  • Protects your valued appliances and devices against Over-voltage; Power-back surges; Dangerous electric surges and voltage spikes. 
  • Current rating: 13Amps
  • Normal Voltage: 220/240 Volts
  • Wait time(Over 1000 waits):    30-seconds
  • Disconnect Voltage: 260Volts
  • Different from the 5 AMPS TV GUARD

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Generic HIVOLT Guard is an innovatively designed device which offers power protection against voltage fluctuation. It is well-known that the major cause of damage to electronic devices is power surges hence the need of this HIVOLT Guard so your devices can last their intended lifespan. It has quick response time so you are sure of superior protection at all times. It can be used with photocopiers, Fax machines, LCD/LED displays and monitors, Televisions, Video and Game consoles, Decoders, Mobile phone chargers, Laptop chargers, Desktop Computers and all electrical appliances and equipment that apply power and voltage ratings within its specification.
You can plug any electronic device into the HIVOLT Guard without worries about power surges. Using this device with your appliances will ensure that voltage is maintained within a safe operating range. It has a simple operation-just turn it ON and it will monitor the power from your AC outlet for 30-seconds before switching-ON. If voltage hits the 260Volts mark, it will sense danger and automatically disconnect the power, thereby safeguarding your gadgets, appliances and equipment from costly damage. This time delay prevents frequent on/off of the connected device due to flickering in voltage. Protect your valued appliances and devices with the HIVOLT Guard.Note: it’s current rating is 13 AMPS 


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