Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Surge Protector

6,000.00 4,850.00

Key Features

  • 250V Max. 13A fused Surge protected
  • Max. 2990W (Grounded)
  • Has 5 Power Outlets – Provides five additional outlets and can expand to even more when combined with PowerCube
  • Prevents plugs from blocking each other, due to its cubic shape
  • Compact design Available in Green, Red, Grey and Blue colors
  • 3m (10ft) Cable
  • With its unique docking system, it can be mounted on the wall, top of your desk, or underneath it, creating a tailored power source within reach

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Besides offering all functionality of the PowerCube this version also features a 3m (10ft) cable and five power sockets. With the included docking system, this PowerCube can be mounted anywhere: on your desktop, on the wall, beneath your tabletop or workstation, etc.

Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Surge Protector


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