2,000.00 1,541.00

Key Features
  • Compatible with PANASONIC LED & LCD and plasma TV series up to the NEW models.
  •     No programming or setup required.
  •     They have identical and familiar buttons unlike standard universal remote controls.
  •     Its has the same function with the short PANASONIC TV remote.
  •     It is very strong, rugged and reliable.
  •     It works 100% like the remote that comes with your TV
  •     Its one of the best PANASONIC remote ever produced.

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replacement remote control works for all PANASONIC LCD/LED TV series and also a
host of other PANASONIC TVs including.:
TX-L26C20E, TX-L26C20ES, TX-L26X20B, TX-L26X20E, TX-L26X20L, TX-L32C20B,
TX-L32C20BA, TX-L32C20E, TX-L32C20EA, TX-L32C20ES, TX-L32C20ESA, TX-L32C20LA,
TX-L32C2B, TX-L32C2BA, TX-L32C2E, TX-L32C2EA, TX-L32C3B, TX-L32C3E, TX-L32C3ES,
TX-L32C4B, TX-L32C4E, TX-L32CX3E, TX-L32E3B, TX-L32E3E, TX-L32S20B,
TX-L32S20BA, TX-L32S20E, TX-L32S20ES, TX-L32S20L, TX-L32U2B, TX-L32U2E,
TX-L32U3B, TX-L32U3E, TX-L32UX3E, TX-L32X20B, TX-L32X20E, TX-L32X20L,
TX-L32X25E, TX-L32X25ES, TX-L32X3B, TX-L32X3E, TX-L37E3B, TX-L37E3E,
TX-L37S20B, TX-L37S20BA, TX-L37S20E, TX-L37S20ES, TX-L37S20L, TX-L37U2B,
TX-L37U2E, TX-L37U3B, TX-L37U3E, TX-L42E3B, TX-L42E3E, TX-L42S20E, TX-L42U2B,
TX-L42U2E, TX-L42U2L, TX-L42U3B, TX-L42U3E, TX-LF32S20, TX-LF37S20, TX-LF42S20,
TX-P37C2B, TX-P37C2E, TX-P37X20B, TX-P37X20E, TX-P37X20L, TX-P37X25E,
TX-P37X25ES, TX-P42C2B, TX-P42C2E, TX-P42C2L, TX-P42C3B, TX-P42C3E, TX-P42C3J,
TX-P42CX3E, TX-P42S20B, TX-P42S20BA, TX-P42S20E, TX-P42S20ES, TX-P42S20L,
TX-P42S21B, TX-P42S21BA, TX-P42U20B, TX-P42U20E, TX-P42X20B, TX-P42X20E,
TX-P42X20L, TX-P42X20Y, TX-P42X25E, TX-P42X25ES, TX-P46S20B, TX-P46S20BA,
TX-P46S20E, TX-P46U20E, TX-P50C2B, TX-P50C2E, TX-P50C3B, TX-P50C3E, TX-P50C3J,
TX-P50S20B, TX-P50S20BA, TX-P50S20E, TX-P50S20L, TX-P50S21B, TX-P50S21BA,
TX-P50U20B, TX-P50U20E, TX-P50U30B, TX-P50U30E, TX-P50U30J, TX-P50X20B,
TX-P50X20E, TX-P50X20L, TX-P50X20Y, TX-P50X25E, TX-PF37X20, TX-PF42S20,

This remote control has
already been pre-programmed to work with all PANASONIC LED AND LCD TV series.
It can also work with older models. It also functions the same with the short
PANASONIC remote control. 

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