Shadow Winning Staking System

Hello Everyone,

We have a new betting system introduced to us by Confirmbet’s expert Shadow. We were initially vary about this staking system but after careful analysis and testing we believe it is a worthy system.
This system is useful for punters who can’t afford to stake using the Martingale System but still want to make a decent profit overtime. We know you can’t wait to learn this new system so let’s dive right into how this system works.
The Shadow-Confirmbets Method
Step 1
Set your bankroll, we will use NGN 10, 000 for example.
Step 2
Divide your bankroll into 10 places as seen below;
10,000/10 = 1000.
1000 is called your Lot.
You create a betslip or accumulator with a minimum 2 odds, you can use our community football predictions to create your winning betslip or subscribe to a football expert HERE to receive daily predictions.
Step 3
Start staking following this rule;
Every time you lose, stake 1000 (your Lot) on your next betslip
If you win a bet, stake your winnings plus 1000 (your Lot) on the next game, if you win the second bet, cash out and start staking with 1000(your Lot) again.
For example,
First Bet
1000 * 2 = 2000 WON (1000 profit)
Second Bet
Stake your winnings plus your Lot(1000)
(2000+1000) * 2 = WON (3000 profit)
Third Bet 
1000 * 2 =  LOST (1000 loss)
Fourth Bet
1000 * 2 = LOST (1000 loss)
Total amount after all = 10000 + 1000 + 3000 – 1000 -1000 = 12,000 (2000 profit)


You will notice that even though you lost 2 bets you still have a profit NGN 2000, which is a decent profit. Of-course we know it is not always this rosy in sports betting, but this method is splendid with an average win rate, you’ll be profitable overtime and you don’t need a large bankroll like Martingale to use it.
Key Note: Remember to always cash out and start from your Lot after every 2 consecutive wins.
Source: Confirmed Bets

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